Benefit and Historicity of Paramedical Courses

Paramedical coursesThis article focuses on the topic – paramedical courses after 12th. Paramedical courses are job oriented academic programs. You will find a list of such courses here.

Paramedical courses are usually related to the allied healthcare sector. These courses are just as useful and job oriented as the courses directly related to the field of healthcare (nursing, medicine and pharmacy). You may also check – NEET UG 2020 exam.

Paramedical courses trains students and turns them into skilled and qualified allied healthcare workers and technicians. Along with Doctors and Nurses, allied healthcare workers also play an integral role in the smooth functioning of the healthcare industry in India.

The demand for allied healthcare workers is on the rise in India. They are also in huge demand abroad, where their pay package is much better than what it is in India.


Tahira institute of medical science

About Us

In the recent scenario, the paramedical colleges are of sheer importance to society. The world is facing stern turbulence in the sector of medicare. People are looking for good health resorts as the situation doesn’t cease to be stabilized in the near future. The critical scenario asks for a lot of front line workers who are ready with their service 24*7. In this pool of healthcare professionals and paramedics have been playing a crucial role in being the front line warriors. If you are looking to be one and serve society, then here is your opportunity. Look out for the Best Paramedical Colleges In Purvanchal located in Gorakhpur.

Tahira Institute of Medical Science (TIMS) is a pioneer institution in the domain of healthcare. It was established to contribute invariably towards the healthcare of the society and the well being of every individual.

             OUR VISION

  • To be partner in building India a world leader in Medical Education & Health Care.
  • To establish & develop world class self reliant institute for imparting Medical and other Health Science education at under-graduate, post-graduate & doctoral levels of the global competence.
  • To serve & educate the public, establish guidelines & treatment protocols to be followed by treating
  • To develop and provide professionally qualified health workers for augmenting the nation’s human resources through Bio-Medico-Socio-epidemiological scientific research.

           OUR MISSION

  • To strive incessantly to achieve the goals of the Institution.
  • To impart academic excellence in Nursing Education.
  •  To practice medicine ethically in line with the global standard protocols.
  • To inculcate high moral, ethical and professional standards among students and to improve their overall personality as well as to inculcate compassionate behaviour.
  • Our Students – Our Assets.
  • Our Staff – Our Means.

“The foundation of Tahira Institute of Medical Sciences, was laid on the solid must in the superior self, its edifice built with the well backed bricks of selflessness, the roof cover reinforced with iron will and a deep sense of service of mankind at large and the deprived section in particular.

It is our goal to provide kind of ambience where thinking is stress free and creativity is nurtured and students pursue learning not only targeting examination but also as a fanciful voyage to become a productive member of the society.”

Director- Mr Shoeb Ahmad